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Welcome to Huntington
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customized for Forex Professionals and their specific needs
Finding the right broker is essential in making good trades that generate profit. Choose the broker who has unprecedented trading conditions.

Why Choose Us

Honest and Reliable

We strive at making sure all our platform is up to par with our clients’ expectations by ensuring fast execution speeds, localised servers within the region and 24/7 support.

Tight Spreads

We work with the best Liquidity Providers that offers us the best pricing in the markets making our spreads comparable with some of the best offered globally.

Security Of Funds

We practice good financial etiquette by segregating client’s funds from company’s funds allowing us to provide instant payouts in minutes and keeping our clients’ funds safe at all times.

Round The Clock Support

We provide 24/7 local language support for our clients and partners, even when the market is closed. Get the right support with local language anytime at Huntington Services Limited.

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Choose the type of Account that is most beneficial to your needs or simply create a demo account to practice and familiarize yourself with trading. 

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